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3-D imaging is becoming the industry standard.

In September, 2019 an iData Research report stated that “3-D imaging is becoming the industry standard.” G&R has been using 3-D imaging since 2013. 3-D enhanced images allow more accurate diagnosis.  Drs. Paul Goodman and Jay Rosenberg have embraced this technology, which greatly benefits our patients. The image below may look scary but it’s truly remarkable.

The 3-dimensional image includes upper and lower teeth, parts of the jaw, and sinuses. The image is incredibly clear and can be manipulated360˚ so our team can make a more accurate and quicker diagnosis. The imaging is so fast, it takes 90 seconds from scan to plan.

3-D imaging has many dental applications including implant planning, being able to see abnormal teeth, root canals, sleep apnea, TMJ’s, and dental trauma. We’re also able to evaluate specific areas of the jaw and face.

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